Creative, Attractive Commercial Bag Photography, And Shoe Photography Solutions

Bag and Shoe photography requires a skilled mix of experience, creative flair and technical understanding. Finding the right blend of artistic composition and illustrative effect can be difficult. You could end up with sub-standard results unless you turn to a professional photography studio that has experience with the demanding combination of intricate detailing, low contrast and subtle styling that arises during shoe and bag photography. The need to ensure the target audience gets a full and accurate overview of the product whilst ensuring style and originality makes this type of commercial photography particularly challenging. have many years’ experience working with all types of commercial images and have particular expertise within the consumer retail industry. Whether you want illustrations for a wholesale website, images for a corporate brochure, or picture sets for the consumer market, have a high level of skill and experience, creating the perfect composition for any situation or context.

Bag and shoe photography requires meticulous planning to ensure that every product is perfectly captured and represents the quality and craft of each product. Planning is critical a good commercial studio will take time to study each item. They will know what makes it unique, and the various characteristics which will quickly communicate the object’s quality and style to the consumer. From the very outset, clients are assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure a firm understanding of what they want to achieve. The important thing with any commercial photography project is to treat each item as unique and not just part of a generic batch.

High-quality macro lenses and non-flare lighting ensure that fine leather finishes and detailed stitchwork is rendered in pin sharp and high-definition detail. This allows the consumer to see exactly what they’re getting without misrepresenting the item. A good quality photography studio will be able to handle the entire process from start to finish, whether this requires specialist outdoor sets, action shots, or post-production image editing and optimisation. Clipping paths can easily be applied to any shots, allowing you to quickly repurpose your bag and shoe images to use in any situation. This is particularly useful if you publish in a variety of media and want to use the same product in different outlets without having to commission several sets of pictures.  

As with many high-end fashion products, some clients won’t just want stand alone images, but will require model shots as part of a fully staffed fashion shoot. A good commercial photography studio needs to have the space, facilities and cutting-edge equipment to ensure the perfect photographs can be achieved. Our skilled photographers are used to dealing with live models and have considerable experience overseeing large fashion shoots - supporting both the day to day logistics, as well as the nitty-gritty of the creative process. The organisation of your work will be efficiently managed from the very first moment to ensure that you get a rapid turnaround.

We pride ourselves on delivering superlative service at exceptionally competitive rates. Whether you have ten products or ten thousand, we can help you get the result you need on time and on budget.
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